GCSE students

gcse examsGCSE results are vital to young people and can change their lives forever. Applications for jobs, apprenticeships, College and University, all require GCSE grades to be submitted. In addition, the government has introduced a law that requires students to continue studying Maths and English for 2 more years, if they fail to pass their GCSE’s.


Whether your child is on track, falling behind or above target, our expert tutoring can help them achieve more.

For GCSE students we offer intensive courses for English, Maths and Science.

This includes;

  • Revision of the whole curriculum
  • Tailored homework
  • Exam techniques and preparation
  • Practice exam papers

We recommend that you start as early as possible to allow time to cover the whole curriculum. Good attendance is also vital. The more time we spend with the student, the more chance they have of achieving their goals!

Please call us on 01827 767576 or email – dave@teach-plus.co.uk –¬†for further information.

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